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Kérastase – Chronologiste

Kerastase introduces their latest in luxury hair care: Chronologiste. With ingredients derived from 3000m below the ocean, your hair and scalp are rejuvenated and beautifully conditioned. Suitable for all hair types, Chronologiste is Kerastase’s masterpiece of hair and scalp revitalisation.

Kérastase – Spécifique

For specific or serious scalp and hair concerns.The scalp can be prone to temporary or longer-lasting imbalances. The products in the Kérastase Spécifique Collection address scalp concerns, leaving you with a well-balanced scalp and conditioned hair.

Kérastase – Nutritive

Personalised nourishment for dry, sensitised, unruly or curly hair, a Gluco-Active enriched haircare program to provide conditioning nourishment. Hair feels replenished, soft, light and supple with incredible shine.

Kérastase – Initialiste

Create a perfect future for the beauty of your hair.Initialise has revolutionized hair care by directly targeting the hair follicle, which is the living part of the hair. Effectiveness at the source for stronger, shinier and more beautiful hair.

Kérastase – Résistance

Reinforce weakened, damaged or fine hair from the inside. A collection to rebuild the internal structure of hair to reveal beautiful healthy hair on the outside.

Kérastase – Cristalliste

Sparkling like crystal, weightless as light. Preserves and enhances the natural radiance of long hair.

Kérastase – Elixir Ultime

Legendary oil with precious care at its heart. A premium collection with a maximum concentration of luxurious oils for richly treated hair with golden splendour.

Kérastase – Réflection

Protect and maintain long lasting colour radiance. A light reflecting hair care collection for colour-treated or highlighted hair to give mirror-like shine.

Kérastase – Discipline

A smooth-in-motion bath for sensitised, over processed hair. Contains the Morpho-KeratinTM technology of Amino Acids for fibre replenishment, Wheat Protein derivate for smoothing and Ceramide R for strength. The surface of the hair is perfected.

Kérastase – Sérum Jeunesse

Densifique Sérum Jeunesse is a hair youth activator system. Enriched with STEMOXYDINE ® + ANTI-OX CELLULAR, Kérastase Densifique Sérum Jeunesse activates shine and manageability, whilst providing density and volume. Ideal for thinning hair altered by time.

Kérastase – Couture Styling

Kérastase unveils a new era of styling. Kérastase inspires new life into hair, inventing glamorous, precise, liberated style.

GK – Hair Taming Keratin Treatment

Number 1 worldwide in hair smoothing. “The Best” way to tame and manage your hair. Rejuvenates while straightening and strengthening hair for up to 5 months.